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We are here to help you solve you water leaks, clogged pipes, and other plumbing problems, 24 hours a day!


  • お客様満足度99.8%※平成29年度(当社調べ) お見積り無料 24時間365日 TOTOLIXILINAX取扱店 クレジットカードOK! 修理実績100万件突破!

まずは状況をお知らせください! 24時間365日通話無料0120-0120-24

Inquiries Quotations and inquiries are free.

If you are in a hurry, you can call us by phone.

You can call our toll-free number, even from your mobile phone or using PHS (Personal Handyphone System).
Round-the-clock availability. Never closed, all-year-round.

Try our free advice line Dedicated toll-free lines0120-0120-24

Please be prepared to give the following information to our operator.

  • 1. Please tell us the location of the plumbing problem.(Ex: toilet / kitchen / bath / lavatory / other)
  • 2. Please describe the situation in detail.(Ex.: clogged pipe, water leak, etc. and whether you think you might need us to replace some fixtures.)
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  • 6. How did you learn about us?(Ex.: from our website, the telephone directory, a flier, another person, etc.)

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