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Privacy policy

Our company, Aqualine Ltd., complies with all relevant laws concerning the protection of personal information when handling customer's information, in order to ensure its protection and use.
Acquisition and use of information
When we need to acquire your information by such means of communication as telephone, e-mail, contact forms, etc., we use only appropriate means. We will use the acquired information only for the stated purposes of use.
Information management
We strive to keep customer information accurate, and take necessary and appropriate measures to manage it safely. We will endeavor to prevent information leaks and improper access from outside.
Providing the information we obtain outside the company
We will not give your information to anyone outside the company without your prior consent, except in cases regarded as appropriate exceptions according to laws and regulations, or when it is regarded as necessary to the public interest.
Disclosure, correction, and deletion of the information
We will respond to your requests, such as telling you what information we have about you, by following our specified procedures, after confirming your identity, except when disclosure is prohibited by laws and regulations.
Continuation and revision of our privacy policy
We will continue maintain these efforts, including this protection policy, and will solicit the opinions of our customers, to improve our handling of information. Please note that our policies regarding the handling of personal information are subject to revision without prior notice in order to provide further protection, to comply with new legislation or other changes.
Links: Linking to other websites from ours
Third-party websites (or "Linked Sites") that do not belong to our company but that are linked to from this website, or that link to this website are managed under the responsibility of the operators of those sites. Therefore, when you use those sites, please use them according to their conditions of use, etc.
In addition, we are not responsible for the contents of any Linked Site or for any damage caused by using any Linked Sites.
About links to this website, please see "Suidoya Honpo’s Site Policy" for precautions to take if you want to link from your website to this website.
Suidoya Honpo’s Site Policy
Contact desk for personal information:

Person in charge of personal information handling & management, the General Affairs Department, Aqualine Ltd.

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